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Overnight Oats

  1. Low Carb Strawberry Pretzel-less Dessert - low carb version of a classic
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Eating breakfast gets your metabolism going! But you have to be honest about it too. Love the photos! As soon as we finish this next batch, I will have to try this recipe on them. Thanks for these variations!

Pecans and More

Do you know of a vegan yogurt you can recommend? Thank you so much!! Also sad about Wholesoy. Best alternative so far and still not the same has been Coconut Dream Nondairy. Have you tried the new So Delicious unsweetened coconut milk yogurt? I find that the vanilla has a bit of an odd aftertaste but the plain is excellent. Great recipes!! Thanks for sharing dear!! This is perfect! I just tried my first overnight oats a couple days ago a peanut butter version yum and loved them and was looking for new variations.

These flavors look incredible! Oh and you are definitely not the only one who is thinking of breakfast when they go to bed! I must do that every night lol. I was invited to an early yoga class once and woke up late so I had to skip breakfast. Maybe my energy was lagging from that, because I ended up falling asleep at the last pose! Luckily no one noticed! So timely! I ran out of steel cut oats this morning and I was wondering what to make for breakfast for the rest of the week. I do have rolled oats and yogurt! And blueberries!

This will be awesome. Thank you! And I am right there with you about breakfast. I need to eat something in the morning. But I stick with 3 meals per day and I do look forward to each one! I saw this recipe yesterday and made it right away with the banana bread version, and now I am eating it this morning and it is delicious! If you put the banana in the night before it will be submerged in your milk and covered, or you could just put it in in the morning.

Thank you for sharing — I definitely needed this. This fits the bill, though! I love all of your blog posts, but I really love when you post non dessert recipes like these, since I do not eat dessert every day. Overnight oats is actually the only way I like to enjoy coconut yogurt XD more excuses to have it then!

I love overnight oats! Yay thank you for sharing this with us! I love overnight oats. Its so nice to already have your breakfast made when you wake up. Also, I saw the clip of you on the Dr. Oz show! You looked absolutely beautiful and really comfortable. Up next : CCK cooking show?! I am not a fan of yogurt, and I leave it out and use extra milk! Thanks for the suggestion! I had the same question…vegan yogurt is not very available for me. Wow these all just look so super yummy!!! Thank you for posting these! I have been making overnight oats for the past couple months from a recipe I clipped from a newspaper article and have been trying to think of new combinations to put in it.

These are perfect! Overnight oats are so easy to just grab out of the fridge and eat right when I get to work, no prep or thinking involved in the morning rush to get ready. So delicious. I made the banana bread. Easy and great to wake up and have a wonderful start to my day. Or blueberries. Or strawberries…. Thank you so much for your positive attitude towards food! I used to be extremely obsessive about what I ate. Although I ate plenty, it was constantly on my mind and that kind of attitude is so unhealthy and hurtful. You should really add that to the article.

I was leaving it out on the counter and my roommate argued it should sit in the fridge. Had she not said anything I would have left it out! Love the idea for overnight oats, it looks super easy. The flavor combos also looks really good and different. Yes, it basically moistens the oats, which is much better than raw oats. I made this last night and am eating it cold this morning.

What size mason jar do you use? I love overnight oats, especially in the warmer weather.


Low Carb Strawberry Pretzel-less Dessert - low carb version of a classic

So refreshing! I usually use a Tupperware container, but the jars make a pretty presentation and could be used for a brunch! This looks yummy and easy. Hi, this is terrible to hear. What browser are you using? Does it happen on mobile as well? Thanks for any info you can give me!

These are so easy and delicious! I made up a strawberry version last night and it taste so similar to the strawberry pie that my mom makes. Do these stay good for several days in the fridge if I were to make 2 or 3 days worth at a time?

must reads

Or are they only good if you make each one the night before? Is there a shelf life? Would I be able to make 5 at once and they be ok to last all week instead of making 1 every night? Not sure how it would taste after 5 days, but 4 should be fine! Hi Katie! Wish me luck! Thanks for this overnight oatmeal recipe. Totally love it. These look great and will never such a timesaver in the morning with my twins! Will they last a few nights? Was thinking of making up enough for a few mornings. I love them! Probably, but try it and see.

If you do, be sure to report back to let us all know how it worked out. Thank you for this great site and blogs on nutritious ingredients! The experts says the most successful weight losers never skip breakfast. If you change just one habit the other habits will be doable to change also! I am a fruit fanatic, especially in the summer. I eat fruit with every meal and snack on various fruits throughout the day.

When it is hot outside, sometimes all I want to eat is fruit. It is light and refreshing and perfect for a hot summer day. For this particular Quinoa Fruit Salad, I used blueberries, strawberries, and mango. Feel free to use whatever fruit you like-peaches, blackberries, raspberries, kiwi, and pineapple are great options. I like to mix it up with whatever fruit I have in the fridge.

I also used red quinoa, but any variety of quinoa will work. I just like the pop of color the red quinoa adds to the salad. I also added in a touch of fresh mint because our backyard is being taken over by mint…and it adds a refreshing kick. If you are looking for a new fruit salad to make this summer, give this easy and healthy Quinoa Fruit Salad with Honey Lime Dressing a try! It goes well with any summer meal and is a great way to enjoy all of the fine fruits summer has to offer.

Make sure you check out our Berry Quinoa Salad too! We share a love of cooking, baking, and entertaining. We enjoy creating recipes that are simple, fresh, and family friendly. We love sitting around the table with good food, good conversation, and good friends and family! Our kitchen is always open! Read More. I love the berries you used…and the dressing…anyone could and should be able to get into quinoa like this! Where do you find the red quinoa? I was introduced to the red quinoa a couple months ago and have been unable to find it in my stores. I will save this for when summer returns to the southern hemisphere!

Love this! Seriously, love everything about this.

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I really like that you used red quinoa, it is so pretty! I have been a fruit fanatic too this summer…and I suppose every summer.

This, though, looks absolutely delicious and perfect for hot summer days. The dressing sounds amazing! I LOVE fruit. Thanks for sharing! Love the combo and LOVE that dressing!! So pretty! I love this use for summer fruits! And I bet the mint just makes this perfect. Have a great day! I am on SUCH a quinoa kick lately. This looks great, I will definitely be trying it soon. What a light, refreshing, and healthy dish Maria! The honey lime dressing sounds incredible. I love simple homemade recipes just like this.

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Can never go wrong with all that fruit, too! I only ever do quinoa with veggies. What a great idea to make it into a fruit salad. Looks gorgeous, and I am sure it makes an amazing snack! I could eat fruit all day every day. The quinoa is such a fun add in. Makes it more meal like…justifying our fruit intake…I like it! Where would you find quinoa? In the fruit and produce section or a specialty store? Look in the grain aisle by the pasta and rice. Most stores have it. Maybe I will have to stop calling you the cookie queen and start calling you the gorgeous, healthy salad queen….

However, I was able to substitute agave nectar for the honey, and this salad turned out to be super delicious! Oh wow! This one is gorgeous! This is my fave red white and blue one so far. I just made a half batch of this and I am kicking myself for not making the whole amount. This looks like the perfect lunch for me, then! Wow, that looks heavenly. You are inspiring me to make a fruit salad right now! Love all the gorgeous colors! I am a fruit fanatic too! I graze on it throughout the day. I love quinoa and this looks so good! We experimented using quinoa in a recipe last night.

We found our red quinoa as well as white and black at Good Earth. Beautiful photos! It was fanastic. I just finished The Digest Diet and this recipe fits perfectly with their meal plans. Thank you! This looks so light and refreshing! This looks so yummy! I made something similar with some left-over couscous for lunch yesterday, but I used a lemon basil dressing.

I like the idea of honey lime! I finally made this salad. I love, love, love it! Very tasty! Thank you for yet another great, healthy recipe! Found this today on pinterest… came home not even 2 hours later and now am devouring a bowl of it with fresh picked blueberries, perfectly ripe peaches, and huge raspberries!

Thanks for a keeper recipe! I made this today and it is sooooo good! Just perfection! Thank you so much Maria, wonderful for a summer day, will share it with my friends and family in my blog! Greetings from sunny Oslo!!! Look at the recipe for instructions! I hope you enjoy! It is one of my favorite summer salads! Total crowd pleaser! And so pretty to look at and healthy to eat. Thank your,. Made this today — tastes so yummy! This looks incredible with the bright colours.

Strawberry Spinach Salad

This was delicious, and so easy since I had a big bag of mixed frozen fruit on hand! It was definitely better the first day than after sitting in the fridge overnight, but I may have slightly overcooked the quinoa, too it got soggy the next day. Definitely a winner, though! I had a mix of peaches, pineapple, mango, and strawberries. I just ran across this recipe and made it for a family campout. Everyone tried it and although I only heard a few raves, the large bowl was mostly gone. Even the kids tried it because of all the fruit!

I made this yesterday. Added a big handful of shredded coconut and toasted sliced almonds. I used white Quinoa. This will be a recipe I keep. This looks delicious! Do you think I could substitute frozen fruit and get a somewhat similar effect without it turning into a big goopy mess? Assuming I thaw my frozen fruit at room temp, and not in the microwave. To really take this recipe over the top, add goat cheese! It really tied everything together perfectly.