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Is Alastair Reynolds books easy to read? : printSF

That's a very good description of why these work. Now that I've finally seen these books in the real world, I like them even more. Post a Comment. Monday, 20 October Paper Space Opera! The last time I talked about Gollancz rebadging a bunch of books, I wasn't that kind. When I first saw their next attempt at the same, I felt similarly.

Revelation Space

Over the last few days, though, the covers have grown on me with some reservations. All of the books utilise simple, mostly abstract black-and-white imagery which I assume must be computer-generated. Nicely, they're all variations on objects, structures or patterns made of paper--very old technology representing big, futuristic ideas. First is Larry Niven's Ringworld , set on a "planet" that's a vast ring. It's been a while since I read it, so maybe this structure does appear in the book, but it does seem a bit of a misfire.

Stapledon's Last and First Men is not a conventional novel, but a survey of the next two billion years of human evolution. This cover is rather nice, though it does also suggest it might be a gay romance.

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Harrison's Centauri Device is about a quest for a vastly powerful futuristic weapon. Nice cover idea, well executed. Anderson's Tau Zero is an adventures set on a spaceship which is stuck going faster and faster and faster towards light speed. Again, a nice and simple cover idea. The McAuley cover does appeal, though. Ilium takes its inspiration from Homer, and covers vast eras of time.

Another appealing, simple cover. Bear's Eon is a great, dark book, about the end of the world and a bizarre space artifact containing what may be a tunnel of infinite length. You can see what they were going for here, but it's a bit dull and a little bit like somebody's first attempt at using a Photoshop filter. I've read Stone , one of Adam Roberts' good books before he pissed away his talent on inferior ideas and endless unfunny parody books Star Warped , The Va Dinci Cod , The Soddit , The McAtrix , et-fucking-cetera , but I can't remember what this cover might be a reference to.

Looks good, though. As an aside, another Roberts novel, Snow , would have benefited from a cover like these, as the concepts of 'whiteness' and 'blankness' and empty paper are at its core. It was still a dud book, though. Finally, the Clarke classic of " big dumb object " science-fiction. Again, you can see what they were going for, and it works when you see all of the books in the range together and you get the paper theme, but on its own it's pretty dull. So that's a qualified thumbs-up for the covers, and a big one for the idea. It's always nice to see science-fiction covers getting an unusual treatment.

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  7. Posted by JRSM at Labels: Black and white , Gollancz , Sanda Zahirovic , science fiction. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Spam comments will be ruthlessly suppressed with extreme prejudice. Follow by Email. Paper Space Opera! Whisky Priest Books. Too Many Depressing Apocalypses? Cute Overload. People of Exquisite Taste. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.

    Alastair Reynolds

    Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. NOOK Book. War veteran Clavain and a ragtag group of refugees have fled into hiding. Their leadership is faltering, and their situation is growing more desperate. But their little colony has just received an unexpected visitor: an avenging angel with the power to lead mankind to safety—or draw down its darkest enemy. And as she leads them to an apparently insignificant moon light-years away, it begins to dawn on Clavain and his companions that to beat one enemy, it may be necessary to forge an alliance with something much worse A former astrophysicist for the European Space Agency, he now writes full-time.

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