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Marin isn't sure she can ever overcome her sense of betrayal. But buoyed by old friends--and a new love--the answers may unfold, guiding both Marin and Fiona to a true refuge at last. A sweet story, set in a friendly community.

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Unraveling the Pieces. Stitches in Time. Patterns Of Change.

Paperback Editions

Farewell to Cedar Key. Postcards from Cedar Key. Not to mention he's pretty darn good-looking and quite the eligible bachelor. I laughed and looked at my mother. Why on earth would somebody like him even want to get his hands dirty? My mother shook a finger in my direction. It just so happens that Worth owned his own architecture business, and that included refurbishing a lot of older homes and apartments.

He knows we're in a bind and has offered his services. He's coming by later today to look at the work we need done. He said he'll honor the estimate that Ned has given me, which is very nice of him. Instead, what greeted me was an uneven hole in the wall that led into a dark and dusty room. I wasn't sure if the tears I felt stinging my eyes were more from the residual grief about the loss of Andrew or from the fact that something positive in my life was on hold.

It's just a little setback," Chloe said. I fished a tissue from my pocket, blew my nose, and settled back on the sofa. Poor Ned could have died in this very shop yesterday, and I'm worried about opening the needlepoint section. My mother patted my hand. Might be a while before he'll be back to work, but it was a mild heart attack, so he was lucky. Chloe passed us the coffee before sitting down. You must have been frightened, though, Marin. There wasn't anybody else in the shop, was there?


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I took a sip of the strong brew and shook my head. Mom had taken Oliver home for the afternoon, and I'm glad she did, what with the paramedics arriving and everything. Ned had already returned from his lunch when I got back, and he was working away. A few minutes later he came over here to sit on the sofa, and I knew something was wrong.

He was white as a ghost, sweaty, and looked terrible. Said he was just having some mild pain in his upper left arm. Thought it was from the work he'd done earlier breaking through the wall. But I didn't want to take a chance. It could have been a muscle pull and exertion, but he was also having classic signs of a heart attack, so I called just to be on the safe side.

I got up to go look at the wall again and shook my head. Putting in the bay window in the front wall, redoing all the walls and floor, wallpaper, painting I sure hope this Worth Slater will be willing to take it over.

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It'll be fine," my mother said in an attempt to reassure me. That was one of the reasons they worked so well as partners at the yarn shop.

When my mother had purchased the shop from my cousin Monica a few years before, one of her best decisions had been asking Chloe to be her partner. She was a joy to work with. Not only had she gotten a degree in textile design many years before, acquiring an exceptional knowledge of fibers and colors, she was also a great asset for the shop, always ready to pitch in and do that little extra for customers, staying late if it was required, doing everything she could so that the shop would be a success.

And now, due to my mother's desire to expand the shop to include needlepoint, I would have the opportunity to work there as well. Having a screened patio built between the shop and the carriage house will give our knitters a wonderful place to sit outside during the nice weather.

Secrets on Cedar Key (Audiobook) by Terri DuLong | kakikimyti.ga

And I think we'll be almost forced to remodel the carriage house. Once that archway is finished, we're going to lose that entire corner over there," she said, pointing to where the credenza held our coffee supplies and the old-fashioned desk that served as our checkout area.

Landing on the Shortest Runway in Florida - (Cedar Key, Fl) 2018

We could get really creative with displaying the various yarns, rather than just in cubbyholes and cubicles. If a shop is too small and cramped, I think that takes away from the experience. It'll be a lot of fun getting it all put together. You're right, Mom," I told her.

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I'm sorry for being so childish about all of this. I guess I was really counting on being a needlepoint shop manager by Christmas. And you have the morning off, so go. Chloe and I can handle things here. Oh, and it's my turn to do dinner, so you don't need to rush home. Lasagna and salad.


Is that okay? Living with my mother these past seven months had been good for both of us. Although I was ashamed to admit it and it was probably unknown to others, Andrew and I had evolved over twenty-six years of marriage to a bland and stagnant relationship. I had been looking forward to his retirement this past summer, hoping to recapture some of the spark that had been missing.

But his death had prevented that from happening. Despite the lack of passion, I missed him. I missed the day-to-day conversations and routine we had shared. So I welcomed the company and companionship of my mother. We also seemed to be in sync as far as housemates. She respected my quiet time, we shared chores around the house, and overall, I was happy that she had invited me to move in with her after Andrew died. Chloe gathered up the mugs to take into the back room to wash.