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  1. Levixus the Soul Caller
  2. magic, miracles: receive my lunar letters
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The Soul Caller. Ana Peters.


Levixus the Soul Caller

The Sleeping World. Laos Lue Her Vang. America Pao Moua. She tucked me in, but before she could take off her crazy-quilt robe, the sudden crash of the front door opening to a charging wind brought in the smell of rain and the sound of objects being blown around the living room.

magic, miracles: receive my lunar letters

Just as suddenly, the door slammed shut. I was afraid to go with her. I was more afraid not to. Then our eyes followed muddy boot prints across the bare pine floor, from the door to the overstuffed chair facing the fireplace. A very wet, disheveled man, short and stout, wearing a dark, mud-spattered suit, sat slumped in that chair.


His breath reeked offensively. His left hand still loosely held a gnarled can. Mama merely nodded as she shoveled up buried coals from the fireplace, shook off the loose ashes, carried the coals to the wood-burning stove in the kitchen, and covered them with our rich morning kindling of pine. You build the fire to help our guest get warm and dry. Hall is not a drunkard.

FREE: WOW CCG - Levixus the Soul Caller

I knew that Mr. Hall met someone at the highway each Monday morning and rode to his little tailor shop in Little Rock, where he worked long hours all week. Each Saturday afternoon he came trudging home, leaning on his cane. Standing in the kitchen doorway, I was struck by a vagrant thought. Hall—getting drunk? As the storm raged, Mama brought Mr.

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Hall a mug of steaming hot, black coffee. She lifted his head, persuading him to swallow the coffee, a sip at a time.

The mug was almost empty when he opened his eyes enough to recognize us. When Mama took the mug back to the kitchen, Mr. Description Discussions 0 Comments 0 Change Notes. Description Discussions Comments Change Notes. This item has been added to your Favorites.

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